There is nothing wrong with showing off the jewelry pieces that you treasure, especially when you have a funky jewelry display tree. Love Kankei offers you the jewelry tree stand in three different variants where you can keep anything from neckpieces to earrings, bracelets to rings and many types of cosmetics.

No Cluttering

The white and natural color jewelry tree stand from Love Kankei prevents your jewelry pieces from getting all messed up when you try to separate them. Kept one by one onto the three stands and the wooden compartment, you will get tangle free ornaments whenever needed.

Proper Arrangement

With three stands having adjustable heights, you can arrange the jewelry according to their size i.e. the longer ones on the top stand, the middle sized ones on the middle stand and the small sized ones on the small stand or pass them through the small holes. The wooden tray can contain small earrings, pendants, rings or even nail polish and lipstick.

Ease Of Finding What You Need

Keeping everything in one place might end up making you lose one part of a jewelry set. With the white and carbonized black jewelry tree stand you can arrange the necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, watches and other cosmetics in separate sections.  

Adjustable Design

The weathered grey jewelry tree stand comes with adjustable size i.e. the small stand can be maximum 9 inches tall, the middle one can be 13 inches tall and the large one can be 17 inches tall and be raised 6.5 inches more with an extendable pole.   

Creating a décor statement for dressing table is possible with these tree stands and having an arranged setup of the jewelry pieces will ultimately help you in finding them whenever required.