Like every other thing, while purchasing a jewelry stand, you might have a few questions.  Those are answered below –

  1. Which type of jewelry would you keep?

You might keep a number of earrings or necklaces or bangles or something from every category. As the jewelry stand will let you arrange them in different segments, check out the jewelry stands from Love Kankei to choose what you need.

  1. How many jewelry pieces you have?

Consider buying the wall mount jewelry organizer or the 6-tiered stand or tree stand according to the number of jewelry pieces you possess. If you are a minimalist, a simple jewelry stand will help and for more number of jewelry, go for the elaborative jewelry organizers.  

  1. Will single jewelry stand help?

If you have a number of necklaces, chains, pendants, bangles, earrings of different types, one tree stand might not help. The 6 tier metal jewelry organizer from Love Kankei can be a great choice in addition to the tree stand to contain all your jewelry.

  1. How to customize the jewelry stand?

The Love Kankei Jewelry Tree Stand can be adjusted according to the size and categories of the jewelry and you can raise the three stands up to 9 inches, 13 inches, and 23.5 inches respectively. You will also get to keep out one or two stands from the organizer as per your wish.

  1. Can you keep cosmetics and accessories in jewelry stand?

Apart from jewelry, you might wish to keep watches, keys and various cosmetics like sunscreen, foundation, makeup kit, creams, etc. in the wooden or metal compartments of the jewelry stand.

So, if you have convinced yourself to get the all-new Love Kankei jewelry stand, it is time you be relieved about not losing your jewelry or tangling them up time and again.