Do you have lots of traditional earrings and heavy necklaces or fashionable chains and danglers or something from both or you want to keep rings, bangles, and cosmetics as well? If you are feeling confused about what to buy, check out the trendy jewelry organizers from Love Kankei.

Jewelry Tree Stand For Minimal Jewelry

Believing in minimalist yet classy choice of jewelry would bring you to the jewelry tree stand which has three adjustable T-shaped stands on a wooden base. According to the height of the jewelry items, you can decide to hang them from the tallest to shortest stands and keep the spare ones like small earrings, pendants, rings, etc which cannot be hung from the stands, in the wooden trays.  

Multi-tiered Jewelry Stand for Large Collection

If you are a proud owner of multiple accessories and ornaments of different varieties, nothing will serve you as efficiently as the six-tiered jewelry stands with metal tray from Love Kankei. From the twisted metal ‘beauty’ to the facing rails, from the four straight rails to the large storage tray –keeping your jewelry and essential cosmetics in no more an issue to you.

Mount On Wall Organizer When Space Is Scarce

Your dressing table might be small or you might use a large dressing mirror instead. In either case, keeping a few jewelry stands will not help but a wall mount jewelry organizer will. In this way, you can not only create a wall décor in your room but also keep necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings and watches properly arranged.    

The three types of organizers can be used together when you have many types of jewelry and one organizer is not enough. The jewelry organizers from Love Kankei can be easily customized according to your requirement.