Displaying picture frames on a table needs carefully organizing them so as to avoid the cluttering. Here is how you can display picture frames on your tabletop.


Limit the numbers  

Limit the numbers of pictures that you want to display, opt for odd numbers to bring in that stylish feeling. By limiting the numbers, you can actually draw more attention to each picture. Instead of distant shots, include pictures that have a zoomed view. Love Kankei Tabletop display photo frame 4 opening gives you the option to display your favorite photos in a single frame. It has 4 blocks to display your photos.


Straight rows

The main focus of displaying picture frames is that it should not look clumsy. To avoid cluttering the table top, place the frames along the center of the table. A Love Kankei “Family” letter picture frame with 30 pegs provide you an artistic way to display your pictures in a single frame without bothering to choose between your favorite pictures and display only a few to avoid the clumsiness. You can clip in 30 of your favorite photos in a single frame.


Display in groups

Organizing the pictures in a group gives an artistic feeling if you want to decorate the table top with pictures. Place any large accessory on one end of the table then place pictures in odd numbers in a group on the opposite side to create that artistic finish. You can also place 2 -3 Love Kankei Shadow box picture frame cases that would bring in that fuller feeling without making the table top look clumsy. These photo frames are made of wood and also give an organized look.