Buying jewelry in a frenzy is quite a common habit of women but then storing them carefully is a big problem afterward. Here are some storing solutions for your necklaces discussed have a look at these.


Tree stands

Love Kankei jewelry tree stands are available in various colors starting from white to carbonized black to weathered grey etc. These stands have a 3-tier design and are made of metal that helps in the storage and display of your jewelry in an orderly manner. You can just hang your big necklaces in the highest stand. You can also display your bracelets and watches in the middle stand. There is a bar below wherein you can accommodate your stud earrings. These stands thus serve a multipurpose use for all your jewelry. These stands are sturdy and provide a ready solution to store your necklaces without having to fold them. If you think that keeping the necklaces in the open air will attract moisture and mar the necklaces you can also keep the tree stand inside a closet.  


Jewelry organizers

Love Kankei jewelry organizer – 6 tiers come in really cute designs to store your jewelry especially necklaces. These jewelry organizers are made up of metal and are coated with white powder that prevents it from rusting over time. Words like "Love" or "beauty" are designed in the stands wherein you can hang your necklaces at ease without the fear of damaging any of them. Thus, this serves as a great gift to women and they would love it.