Women would always be attracted towards long and beautiful necklaces available in the market. After buying these necklaces, you would have to store or organize them in a proper place. Here are some ideas for storing your necklaces.

Jewelry Tree Stand

Love KANKEI Jewelry Tree Stand would be one of the ways to store your long necklaces. This tree stand has a three-tier design, which could be applicable for storing various kinds of accessories. In this stand, the last metal pole is for hanging your necklaces. The height of the pole is about 17 inches, and if necessary, it could be extended up to 23 inches. This would enable you to accommodate your long necklaces.

Wall mounts

Using wall mounts is another way to store your necklaces. Love KANKEI Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer is a uniquely designed jewelry organizer, which is applicable for hanging long necklaces. There are lots of hook in this wall mount. In the middle tier, there are seven hooks for hanging your short length necklaces. On the letter “BEAUTY” there are about eight hooks which would allow you to organize or store your extra large necklaces.

Jewelry Organizer Stand

The general propose jewelry organizer is another way for storing your necklaces. LOVE KANKEI Love Jewelry Organizer is a decorative piece that could also be used for storing or organizing your necklaces. This stand is a six-tier jewelry organizer, whose body frame is made out of high-quality iron. The letter “LOVE” at the top is assigned for hanging or storing your long necklaces in a neat and proper manner.