To date, you have undoubtedly created numerous precious moments and many of those moments might have been frozen for eternity in photographs. As much as you wish to stick all those pictures on your wall, ruining it with unnecessary nails or clips might not be the best idea.

Clip Pictures Together On Twines with Clips in Wooden Frame  

Thirty different or same sized pictures can be hung horizontally or vertically from the Love Kankei 26x29 inches wooden frame. Instead of nailing pictures all over the wall, let them hang together or separately from the clothespins on adjustable twines attached to the six frames. With only four screws, your wall will be better-taken care of while pictures decorate the room.  

Hang Pictures from Wooden Frame with Pegs

No matter what the sizes of the pictures are, you can add as many as thirty pictures with pegs on a vertically hanging string that is attached from a wooden frame. This creative wooden hanging photo frame from Love Kankei is 26x29 inches in dimension and comes with three wooden bars, each holding two strings.   

Add Multiple Pictures Together in the Display Case

The Display Case from Love Kankei can be your best choice to stick multiple photos along with medals, postcards or other memorabilia with fixing nails. This 8 inches x 10 inches Shadow Box wooden frame surrounding black linen has a magnetic door with a glass cover so that the pictures stay safe from damage and you can have a clear look of what is inside. Mount on the wall with two sawtooth hooks or simply let it stand on a table.