Danglers, chain earrings, tops, studs, feathered earrings, and many other earrings are probably in your jewelry collection. Keeping them organized according to their category and keeping each of them properly can be possible with the jewelry organizers offered by Love Kankei.

Hang them on Jewelry Tree Stand

Perhaps the best option to hold all types of earrings is the jewelry tree stand with adjustable height from Love Kankei. The longest earrings should be hung from the top stand that can be raised to 6.5 inches. The middle stand and the foremost stand that has eleven holes respectively can hold earrings of moderate and small sizes. The spare earrings should be kept in the wooden compartments.

Hang them on Wall Mounted Organizer

Made of rustic wood and powder polished black metal, the wall mount jewelry organizer can hold earrings on all four mounts. The top bar with thirty holes is for hanging paired or individual earrings. The two rails attached on both sides are for dangling earrings with hooks while the long rail with seven hooks is for holding round shaped earrings. The metal twisted hanger in the shape of ‘beauty’ can also hold different types of drop earrings.  

Hang them on Six Tiered Jewelry Organizer

With large metal storage at the bottom, the six-tier Earring organizer from Love Kankei can be a great option to keep earrings hanging according to size. The top tier in twisted as ‘Love’, the two rails facing each other and the four narrow cylindrical tiers below are created to hold various types of earrings, especially those with hooks. The tray can be useful to contain earrings that cannot be hung from the above rails.