Photos say a thousand words –the idea is undoubtedly relatable when you look at the childhood pictures of yours or your kids or reminisce about your college days or a vacation. Showcasing your pictures as home decoration, especially for parties can add a more personal touch and Love Kankei is here to help you out.

Wall Hanging Family Picture Frame with 30 Pegs

Measuring 26 inches x 29 inches with 0.9 lb weight, the Wall Hanging Photo Frame from Love Kankei comes with total six-string lines and thirty pegs which can be adjusted in whatever way you like. You get to choose from the variants with alphabetical wooden blocks depicting ‘Family’ or ‘Shmily’ (See How Much I Love You) according to the pictures you are going to hang.
Be it photographs of different sizes or DIY crafts like artwork, postcards, and pictures of different genres, you can hang any types of low weight items vertically on your wall. Plug the three wooden bars together or hang them separately from different height –let your party guests have a close look at the moments or artworks that you keep close.  

Wooden Photo Frame with Adjustable Twines and 30 Clips  

Six wooden frames and five adjustable twines with thirty clips can help you customize your pictures in whatever way you like –horizontally, vertically, separately or together, in same height or in different heights. The 26x29 inches wooden frame kit from Love Kankei lets you hang as many as 30 pictures of different sizes and you can attach the frames in various combinations.
Plug all six together and hang the twines vertically or plug three on top and connect the three below with twines or even mix up the horizontal and vertical combinations –the choice is yours when planning for a party.