The wall storage is extremely helpful when your furniture racks are not sufficient to hold many items. With the large storage shelves from Love Kankei, you will get to arrange your essential and décor items properly and create a décor statement at the same time.

Large Wooden Shelves are Suitable for Every Room

Available in two variants namely carbonized black and weathered grey, the large storage rustic wooden shelves from Love Kankei are mounted on the wall with metal frame and come in a set of two, each having 16 inches length and 11 inches width. Keep your cutlery, liquors, utensils, glassware, statues, bathroom accessories or even showpieces –there is large storage for everything.

Kitchen Storage Gets Bigger With Wooden Rack with Hooks

The floating wall shelf with eight removable hooks on towel bar lets you store your kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, spice bottles, and other food packages, etc. on the wooden bar with 17”x7” dimension while you can hang the dishcloths, wipers, and aprons from the towel bar. The eight hooks can be removed if necessary but when kept together, they can hold ladles, spoons, forks along with mugs, pans, utensils, etc.   

Utensil Organization Is Easier With Kitchen Pot Rack on Wall

If you are not up for wooden shelves, check out the sturdy metal wall mounted pot rack set of two having 16 hooks. If the shelves with 16.5:x12.1”x7” dimension does not suffice, there are the detachable hooks to hang the utensils and cutlery. Keep them side by side or one above the other to keep all your kitchen materials at one place.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, living room to the bathroom, these shelves are excellent options for every corner of your house. Utilize the spaces properly and you will no longer have to worry about lack of storage.