Be it a timeline picture series of your kid since birth or moments from your wedding, pictures of vacation or collection of your photographic trysts – hanging so many pictures on the wall does not look good. Not only the wall gets perforated with so many screws but also the frames are costly and wear over time.

Hang Photos from Wooden Frames Vertically

While unframed photos need glue or tapes to be hung on the wall, for this wooden frame with pegs from Love Kankei, you will only need two screws to vertically hang thirty different sized photographs from three wooden frames holding two twines each. The photos thus hung, can be easily taken off, cleaned and hung again or you can hang different pictures too.

Keep Photos inside Shadow Box Display Case

Measuring 8”x10”, the hard torched wood display gallery from Love Kankei has rustic metal hinges to support the tempered glass from breaking while you close the door with a magnetic lock. While hanging a number of pictures together seems like a bad idea, why not give them a personalized look by sticking them on linen backdrop together with the help of pins.   

Hang Photos with Clips on Frame with Adjustable Twines

Instead of using tapes or screws to stick pictures on the wall and damage its look, hang as many as 30 pictures on the wood picture frame with adjustable twines just like you hang clothes to dry with the help of clothespins. Love Kankei offers multiple customizations with the six wooden bars that can hold 5 twines together. Hang pictures horizontally as well as vertically on twines connected with three frames on each side or hang the bars separately.