Every woman would have a jewelry organizer in her home for the proper keeping of her jewelry. In recent years, there are lots of tutorials, which would guide the people to make their own DIY jewelry organizer. But there are several disadvantages of DIY Jewellery Organizer. Here are some of the disadvantages.

Final Expense

One of the major disadvantages of DIY jewelry organizers would be the final cost. In the end, the cost of any good quality DIY jewelry organizer would be equal to a professional jewelry organizer in the market. In some cases, the cost might even exceed the limit and would also result in extra hard work.


Another disadvantage of DIY jewelry organizer would be the longevity of the final products. There would be major differences in the work of an amateur and an experienced and professional designer. The longevity of the DIY jewelry organizer would be lesser when compared with a professionally made jewelry organizer. Event with the same hard work and expenses the longevity of DIY jewelry organizer is not long.

Alternative solution

One of the best jewelry organizers in the market would be the Love KANKEI jewelry organizer. There are several types of jewelry organizer which could be the best alternative for any DIY jewelry organizer.  The prices of these organizers are comparable with the final expenses of any DIY jewelry organizer. For instance, the Love KANKEI white tree stand is a professionally designed jewelry organizer that would give ample space for organizing bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches. The dimension of this jewelry tree is about 17 inches X 9 inches X 4 inches.