When it comes to displaying your favorite photos, there are many alternative options to showcase your favorite photos. Here are some ideas discussed have a look at these below.

Wall frames

Wall frames are the most standard options for displaying photos. There are varieties of picture frames from Love Kankei and you can choose the one that best suits the looks of your interiors. For displaying a solo picture, you can choose Shadow box picture frame case, which is made up of wooden case having dimensions of 8’’ x 10’’. For displaying multiple photos together in a single frame, you can choose Love Kankei hanging display photo frames weathered grey. Or you can opt for the Love Kankei “Family” letter picture frame 30 pegs. This consists of a wooden bar where the word “Family” is engraved and clips are arranged in layers wherein you can hang your photos for display.

Hanging the photos with a string

If you want to display your favorite photos along a string, it adds a casual yet fabulously creative and impromptu look to your interiors. Love Kankei wood picture photo frame with 30 clips and adjustable twines give you the exact feeling of hanging your photos along a string. You can just hang your photos in those sturdy yet soft clips that would not damage any of your photos. There are two wooden rods at both ends and strings are attached to them in an orderly manner so that the photos do not appear clumsy. There is a total of 30 clips attached to the strings wherein you can hang your photos.

 letter picture frame