A wedding can be one of the most nostalgic events in a person’s life and nothing can be better than decorating the venue with some of the pictures taken before the wedding. Be it photographs from a pre-wedding photoshoot or from your childhood, school-days, college-life, vacations or with loved ones, the wall hanging photo frames from Love Kankei can be a great choice.

Family Photo Frame

Coming with three wooden bars measuring 26 inches when added together, the Love Kankei Family Photo Frame can contain up to thirty various sized photographs. They are hung from the strings vertically with the help of pegs and the strings can be stretched as much as 29 inches with the hanging wooden block in the end. Arrange the blocks with alphabetical engraving according to the word ‘FAMILY’ or ‘SHMILY’ that stands for See How Much I Love You.

You can keep the length of the strings at the same height or adjust the length according to your wish. This will be the perfect way to showcase your life since childhood, with your family and loved ones before enter a new phase.

Wooden Picture Frame with Adjustable Twines and Six Bars

Quite a common way to hang pictures on the wall, the wooden photo frame with clips on adjustable twines from Love Kankei offers various combinations. Once you add three wooden bars on your left side to the three on your right side with maximum stretched twines, it will be 29 inches wide and 26 inches tall where maximum 30 pictures can be hung like clothes from clothespin. You can try this combination vertically as well as hang the frames separately.