A shelf could turn an empty wall into a useable space full of style and design. Love-KANKEI Floating shelves could be installed in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and many other places of the home. Here are some of the benefits of having wall shelves in your home.

Increase storage space

This is the primary reason and benefit for installing any floating mount shelves. Love-KANKEI floating shelves with large storage capacities would be the best option for such purpose. The rustic wooden shelves with the dimension of 16 inches X 11 inches could increase the limited storage space in your room. You could install these products in the living room, kitchen or bathroom for increasing the storage space of the room.  

Adding charm to your house

Another benefit of adding shelves would be for improving the ambiance of your living room. For this purpose, Love-KANKEI three square and U shaped wooden shelves would be one of the best options. You could install these shelves according to your taste, which would increase the charm of your house. Rustic Paulownia wood with vintage finish would be able to display your personality in a more elaborate way.

Effective use space

Another benefit of installing shelves would be the effective use of available space in the house. Love-KANKEI corner shelf wall mount would be the best option for this purpose. In a smaller house or in a kitchen, every space is important. Thus installing this item would help the user in effectively using the corner space, which would be ignored generally. The Paulownia wood of the set could be mounted in two different methods, thus increasing its functionality.