Every household kitchen would need a paper towel for sanitary and cleaning reasons. And for holding these papers, Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holder would be one of the best options for any homemaker. Here are some of the benefits of having a paper towel holder in your kitchen.

Easy Change Paper Towel

It is very easy to change or load paper towel in Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holder. The user would just have to place the roll of paper towel into the wooden bar. For replacing the old paper towel with a new one, the user would not have to remove the wood stopper of the holder.

Easy to install

This paper towel holder is very easy to mount or install. The user would just have to follow the guidelines given in the instruction manual for installing the paper holder. This Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holder could be mounted in both vertical and horizontal manner. If the user wants to it under the cabinet then it is recommended to use shorter screws. During the installation process, first, install the metal bracket on the wall then fix the wooden bar on the bracket. After this step screw the stopper on the wooden bar.

Stylish and Functional

Love KANKEI Paper Towel Holder is simple yet has an elegant design. The structure of the holder is made up of metal and solid hardwood. This holder is both durable and sturdy in nature. As the maximum part of the holder is made from wood thus there would be no problem regarding rust issues. This paper holder could accommodate both large and standard size of paper rolls.