For better keeping of jewelry, every woman would need a jewelry organizer. Love KANKEI has come up with various kinds of jewelry organizers, which is available in the market under affordable prices. Let’s check out the features of the jewelry organizer available in the market.

Closet Jewelry Organizer

This is a unique jewelry organizer from Love KANKEI which applicable for storing jewelry in your closet. One of the advantages of this jewelry organizer would be that there is no need of installing or assembling it. The user would have to organize the jewelry and hang it on the closet with the help of hook at the top. There are about six hooks for hanging necklaces at the top level, two metal bar on the bottom is for hanging earring, watches or rings.

Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

Another uniquely designed jewelry organizer from Love KANKEI. This jewelry organizer has about 30 holes at the top for hanging earring, two shorts metals and seven hooks in the middle for hanging watches or bracelets. There are about eight hooks on the lower levels for holding necklaces and would also keep it tangle free. There are seven hooks on the letter “BEAUTY” for displaying your necklaces.

Love Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organizer design would be the one the most decorative item from Love KANKEI brand. This jewelry organizer is a six-tier stand, which would give ample space for displaying and organizing the various accessories. Each level of this jewelry organizer is hanging different accessories. For example, the “LOVE” is for hanging necklaces and 4th tier metal bar is for hanging earring and rings.