It would be a nightmare for every woman to see tangled necklaces or to lose any of her favorite earrings.  But for the proper storage of jewelry, in the market, you would be able to find various kinds of jewelry storage items. Here are some of the storage ideas that would be suitable for every woman.

1. Jewelry box

Jewelry box is one of the most popular methods of storing jewelry.  There are different kinds of jewelry box in the market; some would be big with various compartments for storing different accessories. These boxes would have special drawers for necklaces and bangles. Other boxes would be small, which are suitable for storing earring or bracelets.

2. Using Hooks

You could also use hooks for turning your accessories into wall decoration. Love KANKEI Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer would be one such example. There are about 7 hooks on the letter “BEAUTY” for hanging long necklaces. This wall mount has also at least 15 stylish hooks for keeping your necklaces tangle free. 

3. Tree stand

Tree stand would be another way for either storing or displaying your jewelry in your room. Love KANKEI jewelry tree stand is a flexible tree stand for storing various accessories. The high metal stand, which could also be extended up to 23 inches, is for storing long necklaces. The middle and the lowest tier would be for watches, earring or bracelets.

4. Closet jewelry organizer

This is another great method of storing your jewelry in a safe and secure method. Love KANKEI Closet Jewelry Organizer has at least six hooks, which could be used for storing or organizing various accessories. There is no need of installing or assembling this organizer. The user could easily hang this organizer with the help of the hook at the top of it.

5. Love Jewelry Organizer

Love KANKEI Love Jewelry Organizer is another way of properly storing and organizing various kinds of accessories. This is a six-tier jewelry organizer with a total dimension of 16 inches X 7.3 inches X inches. Every tier in this organizer is for holding different accessories such as the letter “LOVE” is for hanging necklaces.   

6. Use a tree branch

For storing or organizing your jewelry, you could spray paint any piece of hardwood for using it as a stand. The tree branch jewelry organizer would look great with minimal and modern interior decoration. You would be able to store small rings or earring on the branches of the tree.

7. Use designer dishes

Another great way to store your jewelry would be to use beautiful dishes. You could use different designer bowls or dishes for different kinds of accessories. In the market, you would be able to find various kinds of small bowls that would look beautiful when arranged on a vanity counter.

8. Reuse the old box

You could also DIY any old vintage box into an earring or ring storage space. This kind of projects could become an effective solution for organizing or displaying your beautiful rings or earrings. Any intricate box would be better for transforming into a ring box holder. You would be able to place these boxes on your vanity counter or your dresser.  

9. Use decorative vases

You could also use small decorative vases for storing your jewelry in a proper manner. The decorative vases could be made of either ceramic or glass. You could repurpose them by turning them into either ring or bracelets stand.

10. Use ceramic cones

Another jewelry storage idea would be to craft ceramic cones for storing ring or bracelets. You could also use wooden cones for storing or displaying your rings and earrings. These cones could also be used for adding charm to the interior decoration of your bedroom.