Things To Avoid While Choosing Wall Decoration

The most common rule while decorating your walls is pre-determining the size of the wall art. Some walls cannot effortlessly accommodate large size frames and some look much cluttered with multiple tiny frames.

Adorning the walls can be an art in itself, some love to fill it up with nostalgic family pictures and others admire the comfort of a tastefully done artwork. If you are not a fan of picture frames then stylishly done wall shelving livens up space. We have come up with some inspirational guidelines that will help you decide the kind of decor you would like to hang on your walls.

wall shelves

Avoid using the same Material, instead, try Mix up:

Doing up the walls in the same style and with the same material can become monotonous. Create an aesthetic feel by mixing up different materials; for example, go for wooden shelves and metal picture frames. Invest in a variety of woods to add character and compliment the furniture. Cherry wood shelves go well with antique decor, koa wood shelves are long-lasting and give a beach cottage vibe, whereas for defining formal areas like dining, home library, and office space mahogany wood shelves are the perfect fit.  Metal photo frames are excellent for grunge industrial vibes and complement white walls.

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Avoid large artwork on small walls:

Invest in just one oversized piece of painting or picture frame that will last for years as a focal point or anchoring work-of-art on the accent wall. But if you are confined to space and have small walls, then going for a set of mini wall hanging photo frames  is ideally the best option. A collage of pictures will offer a cheerful viewpoint in the kitchen, tiny bedroom or a narrow passageway.

Avoid traditional pieces on an open floor plan:

Millennials find open floor plans irresistible, the younger generation of homeowners are shifting towards a spacious blend of living, dining and cooking space. To keep things warm, welcoming and cohesive choose your wall decor on color, theme, and inspiration. You cannot have heavy vintage pieces in an open space concept.

wall corner shelves

Wall-mounted corner shelves  that double up as extra storage are advantageous. They can fit in multiple sculptures, frames, and art pieces or become a coveted corner bookshelf. Select paintings according to the color scheme going on in the room, a set of paintings from the same artist in different colors keeps the visual appeal connected.

Avoid contrasting wall decor to the furniture:

An oddly placed picture or set of frames clash with the symmetry of the design space. While placing any kind of photo frame make sure they are not longer than two-thirds of your living room furniture. Rustic wall shelves must be placed at least 15 centimeters higher than the edge of the sofa or accent tables. Keep the height of the ceilings also in mind while installing your favorite wall decor, they ought to flatter the walls in a chic way.  

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Embellish your walls with Love-KANKEI home decor accessories, you will discover a wide range of multipurpose wall shelves and photo frames. Keep all of your memories intact with collage wooden picture frames and shadow picture box. An amalgamation of wood and metal the wall shelves speak of functionality and gorgeous design structure. Now decorate your corner walls and bare accent walls with geometric shelving patterns that evoke visual paradigm.

We believe you will keep a note of the things we mentioned to avoid while choosing your wall decor. Blend conventional and refreshingly open style and render a creative outlet to your designs with Love-KANKEI accessories.


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