Spooky Halloween Decoration for Wall Shelves Display

This is the season for candies and treats, fresh-baked pies and decorating pumpkins on the doorstep. Halloween is one such festival that brings out the creativity with gusto, you can either buy the spooky embellishments from a store or DIY them at home. While the outdoor decorations are to watch out for, it is the interiors that dazzle with wacky Halloween exhibits. We have a bunch of scary projects for you, which you can display proudly on your shelves.

Home wall shelve decoration for Halloween

Cobwebs Wreaths:

Want to feel like an old soul trapped in a haunted house? Then DIY cobwebs with vintage embroidery hoops and mesh cloth embellish with glittery fake spiders and hang them from the shelves. You can either hook them or effortlessly paste them with tape to dangle freely. Corner wall shelves  will be the perfect place to hang these spidery decorations, imagine bumping into them at night!

Paint them Bold:

Don’t give the trash can treatment to old wine bottles, instead spray paint them into dark and bold colors. Embellish with glitter and precious stone spooky figures like ghosts, Dracula and ghouls onto the surface of the bottle. Put black candles to burn, let the wax drip to the sides of the bottle, the enhanced bottles will make the ambiance eerie. Put these newly decked candle holders on kitchen wall shelves  or adorn your dining table/kitchen island with these as a centerpiece.

Kitchen Decor idea for halloween

Turn your wall garden chill fest:

You have a spectacular green thumb and you love your hanging plants or a shelved plant garden on the wall. But you can turn this featured wall into a Halloween art exhibit by hot-gluing insects, spiders, and creepy creatures onto the pots. Make it look macabre with succulents and spiky plants on different levels of the rustic wall shelves. You can even DIY an insect-eating plant out of paper and place it as the main eye-catchy attraction on the shelf.

Rodents and Bats on Book Shelves:

Halloween Book and living room decoration

Rodent and bat-infested bookshelves will creep your guests out, place plastic rodents and hang the bats near the bookshelves. If you want to enjoy a DIY project then cut of silhouettes of these mysterious creatures and stick them on the bookshelf for a good scare. Put a fake witch broom in between to complete the Halloween style.

Tilted Haunted Picture frames:

Click poker-faced haunted black and white pictures of self and family members, place them in portrait frames colored in black or bronze. Then decorate your shelves with these family portraits by placing the frame a bit tilted. Add bats, spooky pumpkins, ghoulish figures, skeletons and witch hats for decoration around the frames.

Hunted photo frames for Halloween decoration

Unleash your creativity on Love-KANKEI accessories this Halloween, they have sturdy and glam looking wooden shelves that will add some spine-chilling ambiance. You can mount them easily into any room and sit back and enjoy all your blood-curdling exhibits. Also, use them to store all your precious candies away from the reach of little children and pets in the kitchen. Dazzle this Halloween season with Love-KANKEI and the put screams in your guests' mouths.


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