Small Space: Essential Tips For Living With Less

Struggling with living in a small space? We know how difficult it is to fit in everything you need When you live in a small space. Trying to squeeze everything in and making it look organized and tidy is an even greater challenge, but that's what makes small space design so thrilling and challenging. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a tiny room, these small space design tips will make it feel so much larger while hampering your home décor.

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Whether you’re in a studio apartment or living with a family in a small house, there are some cool hacks to maximize the space that you have for a more comfortable living. Check out these cool and useful tips for getting organized and adding storage to your tiny apartment!

Streamline your stuff

Living in a small space is an excellent opportunity to reevaluate your possessions as a whole and get rid of all unnecessary items. Keep the essential items that you need. For example, get rid of last year’s receipts and old magazines to clothes you haven’t worn in ages. Clinging on to unnecessary stuff will only make your small space look more small, cluttered and untidy. The more you minimize clutter, the less you need to store and organize, and the larger your space will feel. If you are fond of farmhouse home décor style then you can purchase our wall rustic shelves. This can be used as a display shelf in your living room at the same time it can be used as a bookshelf.

Get creative with kitchen storage

Believe it or not, a small kitchen always challenges your creative ability. Dwelling in a small space can be market challenging when it comes to the kitchen, especially if you’re an avid cook with a large collection of tools and gadgets. It goes without saying that it is important to streamline your items in the kitchen, however, clever storage solutions can help you maximize your space. You can install a pot rack in your kitchen where you can keep your pot and rack in a sorted manner.

Tilt-out trash cans, over-the-door storage racks, drawer dividers, and backsplash storage units, combined with DIY kitchen storage solutions, are all options that give your small kitchen a big boost.

Use vertical space and corners in your kitchen!

People struggling with this will agree in small spaces, walls and corners are your friends. Well some of them are blessed with an in-built storage system whereas some struggles to organize their stuff in a creative yet functional manner. So if you are lacking that extra space in your kitchen then you can install corner kitchen shelves and utilize that corner of your kitchen.

This will give you more space and will make your kitchen look clean and organized. Minimalist home décor ideas work great for people struggling with space. However, the thumb rule of having a minimalist home means you need to bid adieu to clutter. In order to do that you need to tweak, what you display on shelves and tables. Stick to essentials only and store the rest in cabinets. The same goes for the kitchen. Instead of displaying a lot many items on the counter that you won’t need will clutter your space.

Install A living room display Shelf

A living room display shelf  is a fantastic way to make your living room feel both more organized, stylish, and more modern – as opposed to clunky regular shelving. Lovekankei has various living room display play shelf options that are great for books, a plant or two, and a few well-placed knickknacks. So if you are willing to display your antique collection you can install the living room display shelf. With this, Your tiny living room will instantly feel brighter, cleaner, and more organized!

Repeat Your Mantra: Less is More!

We know how difficult it can become for you to part with some of your stuff while making the transition into a simpler living, it  – we get it.

Well, you don’t need to completely get rid of everything, at least not right away. Why not take out some of those items and put it in storage temporarily, or store items in your closet for a week or so? That way you can do a test-run without permanently getting rid of items that you need no longer.

And remember, minimal is the new simplicity – you can always add those items back in later, but keep in mind that less is always more.

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