Mega Saving Up To 66% Off On Home Decorative In The United Kingdom

It is time for Thanksgiving preparation in the UK and the shops are going crazy over handling the surge of customers for the Black Friday sales. But when you have a mega saving deal  going on the online market of Love-KANKEI, treating yourself with some personal gifts and essentials for the home becomes easier than hitting the mall or supermarket.   

Thermal water Bottle

Vacuum Insulated Flask Bottle of 500ml and 750ml

A double-wall stainless steel water bottle  will prove to be quite handy for you in keeping water, tea, juice or coffee insulated (hot during winter and cold during summer) for 12 hours at a stretch. This travel flask made of 18/8 steel might lose insulation property if you put anything containing acid like lemon. The stylish look is assured in the long run as the white and black color is painted with premium stoving varnish which does not get tarnished, peeled off or discolored.

 This double-walled water bottle is eco-friendly with its phthalate and BPA-free properties and at the same time, it is non-toxic and leak-proof with a non-slip silicone loop on the bottle cap. The 2.56” and 1.8” mouth of the 500ml and 750ml bottles respectively are suitable for putting ice cubes. The 500ml bottle is 9.” tall while the 750ml bottle is 11.2” tall.

water Bottle

Get 20% and 15% discount respectively for the white 500ml and 750ml thermal water bottle respectively. For black 500ml and 750ml bottles, you will get a 39% and 25% discount from 10:35 AM GMT to 10:35 PM GMT on 29th November 2019.    

Set of 3 Different Sized Floating Wall Shelves

Three rustic walls mounted floating shelves  made of torch-finished wood and supported on the wall by industrial iron will add a unique look in your house while being space-sufficient and holding as much as 40lbs weight. You can install them in whatever combination as you please and even place them in three different rooms or in the same room. The sturdy iron brackets are coated with eco-friendly and non-toxic paint to prevent rust.

Wall Floating Shelves

The width and depth of the three shelves are the same i.e. 10.3cm and 10.6cm respectively while the length of the large one is 43cm, the middle one 33cm and the small one 23cm. On the decorative wall shelves, you can keep the potted plant, small dumbbells, books, sanitary, beauty or body care products, showpieces, music system and more.  

On 30th November, from 2:10 AM GMT to 2:10 PM GMT, grab the carbonized black weathered grey variants at a 20% discount each.   

Stainless Steel Shower and Window Squeegee

For a clean and hygienic bathroom mirror, sink, shower door, Kitchen Island top, car or house doors, and windows, as well as tiled plain surfaces, a shower door squeegee made of polished stainless steel with replaceable silicon blade, can work in a versatile way. The 25cm blade has a professional chrome-plated curved design on the upper side for streak-free drying with larger and tighter surface contact. The groove designs of the 16cm zinc handle offer an easy grip.

Bathroom essentials

The bathroom squeegee blades can be used on both sides to extend the life of the wiper and to replace it you need to unscrew and detach the squeegee, slide the blade out and enter a new blade 2-4mm space on both ends, attach the handle and tighten the screws. From 11:05 AM GMT to 11:05 PM GMT on November 29th, you will get it at a 27% discount.   

When you are getting up to a 66% discount on the decorative items and lifestyle accessories, it is best to hurry and make your Thanksgiving happening as ever!



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