Makeover Your Boring Bedroom To Vibrate With Super Cool Ideas

Your bedroom is the first thing you see each morning and the last thing you see at night—so it pretty much goes without saying that the design should make you happy. This is where you go to rest, retreat, and reconnect. Maybe an all-white minimal look is what you need to be lulled off to sleep, or perhaps you’d prefer something with bolts of color and pattern (like Garance Doré‘s larger-than-life headboard and matching wall mural, above) to recharge your creative well.

Wall corner shelf

Follow the minimalist trend in your bedroom

As we all know that minimalist is the ongoing trend when it comes to decor your house. Well you can follow this ideas in your bedroom as well. If you want to make your room feel airy and calming, then you can use clean, neutral palettes. Erin Fetherston’s peaceful Los Angeles bedroom is the definition of streamlined, with black, white, and cream acting as the main backdrop, while dark green plants and wood accents add touches of warmth. Sometimes, less really is more.

Showoff your artistic side

Are your walls empty stretches of white? Want something different to do? Most of the time we exhaust all our artistic skills in decorating our living room or kitchen and put less attention to our bedroom. Though many of you skip hanging artwork in your living room yet its decorating impact is often overlooked when it comes to the bedroom. So if you are willing to revamp your bedroom then hang your favourite art work, poster, collection of your vacation photos or add some flashback of your childhood on the bedroom wall over your headboard or any bedroom wall that has the maximum open space. Bedroom need not to be boring. Breathe life into your bedroom and make it look interesting. You’ll get an immediate dose of interest. Mix multiple pieces to prepare a stunning gallery wall. Who said that only your wall of living room can be your gallery wall? To make your photo collection or art collection more interesting, you can use wall hanging photo frames.

Sync color in your bedroom

White and beige need not to be the base color of your bedroom decor. Neutrals are soothing and mundane at times. And take it from us a bedroom without any contrast is boring. Never stop experimenting if you want your bedroom to stand out from others. Welcome color in your bedroom just by adding a few bright throw pillows to your bed. You can also hang designer curtains to lift up your mood. You can also add rugs  color coordinated with your throw pillows. Well, your bed will look interesting with three throw pillows that coordinate in color, style or design. This doesn’t mean that they have to match perfectly. You can use also use color contrast option as well.

Trade in a rolling cart?

Want to try something different? Want to think out of the box while decorating your bedroom? Then swap a rolling cart into your bedroom which can make a great night stand. Keep a lamp and alarm clock up top, a carafe and glasses on the middle shelf. This can be a creative addition to your bedroom decoration. You can also install beautiful and trendy corner decoration shelves to display some of decorative items.

Swap your rugs!

Honestly speaking, most of the times floors are frequently ignored when it comes to decorating your house. Trust me floor covered with neutral carpeting or wood, your bedroom floor become merely utilitarian, and does not remain a decorating asset anymore. For a chance you can add a strongly patterned or colored area rug, and suddenly your bedroom floor says “This room is anything but boring.” This will make your bedroom lively and vibrant. Break the stereotyping design and do something different!

Rearrange your furniture.

Who says your bed can't go in front of your window or your dresser can't double as a nightstand? There is no such hard and fast rule! Shift your bed and place it in front of the window. It is time to throw out the old rules and find an arrangement that works for you. The best part? It's totally free! If you are lacking space to display your personal decorative items and transform your bedroom into luxurious bedroom then you can mount display wall shelves. Well you can further enhance it by installing spot lights which will highlight those items on your selves and will make it the center of attraction of your bedroom.

Use these ideas to give your boring bedroom an interesting makeover. Keep it simple yet elegant. Don’t jam your bedroom with too many decorative items rather keep it minimal. Try out these ideas and let us know your feedback.

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