Jingle your Photo Frame in a Home of Santa's Mystery Land

Walk down the memory lane with a magical family album this Christmas. Remember to honor your loved ones with glittery frames and cherish the time spent together.

This is the most wonderful time of the year and we never miss a chance to create happy recollections by capturing the true essence of the season – Family. More than the gifts that surround the Christmas tree it is the people who have gathered around it make it special indeed. And a splendid way to keep these moments sealed in time is by framing them forever. We have bought you some sparkly ideas to dazzle your decor this Christmas season only with picture frames.

Frame Christmas Tree:

Lacking space for a huge and tall Christmas tree? Or don’t want to crowd the space with smaller ones? How about a wall hanging photo frames Christmas tree? Arrange all of your precious family photos in the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall, what is more, mesmerizing than this? Also, you can DIY and paint the frames in Christmas tones or simply add glitter to the borders to make the frames look stylish.

Ceiling Display of Frames:

Want to be more dramatic than just having a wall Christmas tree, then go an eccentric hanging photo frame from the ceiling. Make a collage out of all the pictures you want to add to the display and hang them on a wooden framed collage maker from the ceiling with Christmas decorations. The ones from Love-KANKEI come in weathered grey and carbonized black color, so you can choose which suits best for your home decor. These frames can hang in multiple photos at a time, so you will never miss out on hanging your favorites.  

Christmas through the Decade:

Exhibit every picture through the decade for this Christmas with a hanging photo display. It could be your kid's chronicles of opening presents, a new milestone achieved, your wedding through the decade, and your home decor during Christmas every year, or your favorite dinner table setting throughout the year with family surrounded over it. Whatever be the image that you have collected over these ten years put it on a chic display with rustic hanging frames. Decorate with red, gold and green lace, or hang Christmas balls to the corners of the frames to make them look eye candy.

Polaroid’s on Christmas Tree:

Click pictures with a Polaroid camera of the decorations and the preparations during this holiday season and then hang them on the Christmas tree. You can even DIY tiny frames to put the Polaroid pictures in before dazzling the tree. Add tassels, lace or glitter to the border for a modish holiday fete.

The trend of hanging pictures is not new it has been revived through the ages, only the frames have been modernized. Love-KANKEI even believes in gifting cheer through shadow box frames to put in lots of Christmas trinkets in every room. You can even recreate a Christmas village scene or a snow globe in these shadow box picture frames. They look so rustic and have a hamlet charm about them.

This season believes in the gift of memories because that is all we can leave behind for every loved one. With Love-KANKEI we can ensure you an unforgettable Christmas season!

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