Home Essential- A Fabulous Way to Enhance Your Home-style

Take a step back from the contemporary kitchen and re-assemble an edgy, quirky cooking space that will blow the mind of your guests and loved ones with these interior design tips.

Kitchen, be it any size or any shape has to be accommodating and breezy. You clearly cannot cook in a cramped up space with pots and pans lying around on the countertops. Layers and patterns are a must when it comes to storing the essential items. Go through with us as we take you on life-changing decor hacks that will produce the ultimately culinary experience right in your home.

Hanging Art:

We know the kitchen walls bear most of the burden with heavy door cabinets and shelving that has aged beyond repairs. Turn that around with wall wire grid panel set, these new metallic wall accessories are effortless to install and give off industrial vibes for a modern apartment setting. You can pin up your recipes, hang family pictures, store breakfast essentials like small pepper and salt bottles along with dainty art figurines.

Terrific Serving trays:

Make a big impact by adding tiered serving platters in your kitchen accessories, they are super space savers and you can relish more than one gourmet snack at a time. You score browny points in the dining and entertainment section while hosting a home party. Love-Kankei has innovated these multi-purpose serving trays that are on a whole new level. They have a sturdy grip at the bottom, the metal is rust free and lasts long enough, even after multiple washes. The trays can be used separately without the stand, so now you can relish breakfast in bed with ease. The porcelain platter comes with a beautiful pattern texture, making them microwave and dishwasher friendly. When not in use it can be stacked into the stand and stored away to perfection without a single scratch or damage.

Perks of a Readymade Bar:

Entertaining is the main focus while creating luxury kitchen corners, now design a whole bar with wooden floating shelves. Open shelving is trendy and an excellent way to show-off opulent crockery, drinks, and wine glass collections. Team up the glassware with artistic paintings or sculptures that can be exhibited on the shelves. Adorn the shelves with mood lighting and transform any corner of the kitchen into a nightcap nook.

Spicing things up:

A dedicated spice rack section is essential, gives a twist to the contemporary style with a black metallic wall mounted kitchen spice rack. There are revolving spice jar holders that can conveniently fit on your countertops, but imagine the space they will occupy along with the constant worry of sending it crashing to the floor. Instead, invest in a wall-mounted spice rack that will blend in with the interior features of the kitchen. Love-KANKEI spice racks come with extra removable hooks and towel bars. Call it multitasking as it can hold small pans and spoons which are for everyday use. You can dedicate them according to functionality, for example, one for bakeware essentials, a variety of oils, meal prep spices, and cultivating a herb garden.

Enhancing the storage of essentials in the kitchen with Love-KANKEI home accessories is like a dream come true. These smart picks will elevate your cooking skills and elevate your clutter woes in the kitchen for life.


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