Best Storage Ideas To Bring a Free Spirit Vibe Into Your Home

When you have tiny space, it gives you a feeling as though storage solutions will only present themselves with the assistance of magic (if you don't want to get rid of all your stuff, that is). But thanks to the love-kankei home storage ideas no wands or wizards required—storage ideas for small spaces are in greater supply than ever.

Are you limited on space or have too much stuff to deal with? Well, you can try these storage ideas which will help you de-clutter every room in your home magically. Here are the ideas that you can use!

Hang your bathroom towel

Do you still search for a place to hang your towel? We know how irritating and frustrating it can be at times if you cannot Hang towels right where you need them, on bathroom appropriate hooks. Well with this idea, you will get a permanent solution to your temporary problem! A towel rack made using cross-handle faucet taps and salvaged barn siding can be your friend. You can add a shelf on top, supported by ornate cast-iron brackets. With this idea, you can stack fresh towels on top and wet and used towel hung to dry from the taps below. So what are waiting for? Prep up your bathroom to give this innovative outlook to put a full stop to your problems.

Re-decorate your bathroom with this new storage idea

If you have space in your bathroom then you can go some vanity styles. There are some vanity styles magnificently complement a traditional bathroom design as well as the dresser profile, which beautifully blends modern function with the wash-basin look that was so common before indoor plumbing. Are you willing to achieve this idea? You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on this. You can easily transform a beautiful old dresser—into a sink cabinet. You're best off selecting a chest with doors and a few drawers as possible to better accommodate the plumbing. This way you get huge storage area plus you can also use for sitting purpose depending on the height of the closest!

Wall-mounted shelves ideas

You got to agree with us that there is no easier way to add abundant, accessible storage than with wall-mounted shelves. This type of easy-to-install system is ideal for displaying decorative items on the living room, home office, bathroom, or any room in the house.

Innovative bookshelf ideas

Are you a book lover? Is your collection of books is overflowing right now? Well, you can resolve this problem by having a customized bookshelf. What we mean to say by a customized bookshelf is that you can have it near your favorite place. You can have an inbuilt bookshelf where you can keep your books arranged. Love kankei has various beautiful wall bookshelves option which you can install in your bedroom or living room at your convenience. This easy to mount bookshelf can be a real blessing and can solve your problem forever!

Fully utilization of your kitchen shelves

Do you think that tops of wall shelves are not the only places for storing your items? Then it is time that you rethink! You can create more storage area for storing your items with hooks or jar lids fastened on the underside of shelving!  In your kitchen, you can store spices on top and things like tea bags, or coffee mugs below. You can install hook fastened underneath your shelves. You can also install a pullout kitchen spice rack between cabinets for easy cooking access!

This shelving solution in your entryway, for an easy drop zone for keys, hats, scarves, mail, pet leashes, and other items. A perfect solution for things that lie around here and there in your house most of the time.

Do you have a limited place to install multi use shelves in your kitchen? No problem! Ditch the idea of installing shelves, take advantage of your support beams! What you have to do is, simply add drywall or wood paneling to one side of your kitchen wall, and make use of the unfinished, exposed beams on the other side to store items. To make it look attractive you can even paint the beams so it matches any cabinet colors for a complete look! This way you solve two problems with one idea.

Utilize the corner of your house

Looking for tiny home storage solutions for your bathroom? Think about corner wall shelves! This can solve your problem in just a few seconds. These corner shelves are the perfect shelves for storing your toothbrush holders, medicines, and other toiletries if you’re having limited space in your bathroom.

Have a cabinet organizers

Planning further maximize cabinet space in your tiny house kitchen or bathroom? Well, you can conquer this with a few organizers. All you have to do is install a pullout rack with hooks to hang your pots and pans rather than stacking them. You can even add stackable storage shelves to keep cleaning supplies neatly organized. Nothing can sound a more interesting alternative to this!

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