Art of Wall Decorative: Modern Wall Decor Ideas and how to create a modern frame wall?

Art is the essence of creative thinking and any house, without striking exhibits is like a bare structure. While planning out the interiors make sure you create an elaborate feature frame wall to celebrate nostalgia. Pictures are a way to the heart and having an enviable collection certainly brightens up any corner of the room. We have some inspirational ideas to showcase your family story visually for aesthetic pleasure.

wall decorative photo frames

Love for photo albums is vintage and we can carry out this obsession by making our walls a visual treat with organized pictures of choice. The wall hanging photo frames are a stunning way to display love and affection as a newlywed couple. Hang your wedding pictures decoratively in the living room or in the dining area for sparking memorable conversations and keeping the day alive forever. If are looking to re-decorate the nursery, then these picture frames look chic to show off your baby’s growth.

They even have a coded message if you wish to present it to a loved one as a valentine or house warming gift. The letters at the bottom of the wooden frame spell out to ‘See how much I love you’. This will definitely make their day and the picture collection special.

Wall decorative Shadow box frame

Another way to continue spreading love throughout the living spaces is by adding a shadowbox picture frame. Teen beauty queens who want to show off their pageant crowns, fans messages and get inspired by motivational tips can decorate their wall with these box frames. It will safely hold all the memorabilia in an enclosed glass case, the rustic wooden look makes it even more appealing to the eye. Pet lovers who do not want to miss their beloved pets after they pass away can store all the iconic moments inside this box case. Young boys keen in sports can display their medals and signed autographs from a star sportsperson as an attractive headboard in their bedroom. The nostalgia attached to these frames is tremendous.

living room wall shelve decoration

For bare kitchen and entryways, you can introduce wall mounted floating shelves to hold all your precious picture collections. You can create a quirky and color co-ordinated frame wall behind the entertainment section in the living room. Add frames of different sizes and shapes in lieu of the fun theme going on in the room. Entryways decorated with motivational photos or vibrant travel photos that depict the rich outdoors is always an inviting gesture for the guests as they step-in. In the kitchen you can add frames of your choicest grandma’s recipes, this will make your meal prep time interesting. The ambiance created with these shelves is contemporary and stylish.

Love-Kankei accessories are innovative and come with easy DIY techniques, so you do not require a master craftsman to turn your abode into a wall of art appreciation. Avoid a display of messy pictures randomly sticking to the walls and occupying space on the floors. Learn the fine art of subtle intrigue and depth by placing these modern picture frames at different angles in your living space. If you favor the minimalist and neat approach, then this idea of framed stills is for you. Now play mix and match with funky wall art, quotes and patterns with these budget frames to make your house look fresh and a burst of creativity at the same time.

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