7 Essential Decor Items for Every Bathroom

Just like your bedroom, living room, or kitchen needs proper décor accessories to reflect your taste in household decoration; your bathroom also needs its own types of décor items. From the simple paper towel holder to the wall shelves, there are a few essential décor items that you should include in your bathroom.   

Shower Glass and Bathroom Squeegee

Shower Glass and Bathroom Squeegee

If you have a separate glass shower compartment inside your bathroom, the glass walls are subject to get stained with the soap and water deposits if not cleaned regularly. The shower doors glass squeegee from Love-Kankei comes with a silicon blade that not only cleans up the deposits but also lets no scratch on the glass. These will also help you clean fogged mirrors, soapy or wet tiles, sinks, countertops and bathroom door.

Wooden Wall Storage Shelves

Three sets of wall mounted rustic wooden storage shelves will be excellent bathroom décor option to keep the soap boxes, shampoos, conditioners, oils, shaving creams, and other cosmetics that do not consume much space. The three shelves are of small (9 inches), medium (13 inches) and large (17 inches) length while their width is same –4 inches. Put them together or in any way convenient to you.   

Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holder

Wall mounted paper towel holder is one of the commonly used bathroom accessories for wiping your hands, toilet seat, the mirror, and even the sink top. You can put one beside the toilet seat in a horizontal way or even vertical way near the wash basin. The brass wire holder with marble base is another sleek option to keep on the countertop.

Metal Organizer with Hooks

Although mostly used for kitchens, the wall mounted metal organizer with hooks can be a unique décor for your bathroom. This organizer is 16 inches in length and 12 inches in width. It can be a great option to keep your towel and clothes on the metal base before or after bathing while the detachable hooks can be great option to hang any jewelry you get rid of before taking a shower.   

Large Storage Wooden Shelves

The two ample storage rustic wooden shelves with metal mounting have 16 inches length and 11 inches width. You can place the two shelves together, or different corners and the large space can be utilized for keeping bathroom decorative, towels, clothes, hair dryers, cosmetics and other necessary things for the bathroom as well as additional sanitary items.

Wall Mounted Three Tiered Floating Shelves

The wall mount floating shelves with three tiers will make your bathroom look stylish with their corner placement. On the angle of the two walls, the wooden boards are attached with metal brackets and can keep the essential cosmetics, healthcare or sanitary items or even potted plants and candles beside your bathtub.   

Two-Tiered Heavy Duty Industrial Wood Shelves

Bathroom organizer

Another heavy duty shelf option for your bathroom is the two-tiered industrial wood boards kept together vertically with the help of metal brackets. With around 23.5 inches in length and 6 inches wide, each board will be able to hold your bathroom washing kit, spare paper towels, some indoor potted plants, towels, dryer as well as your beauty and sanitary kits.   

As trivial or peculiar it might sound to you, the bathroom being prone to most water and iron deposit as well as requiring a number of sanitary or cosmetics to be kept properly arranged, you need proper shelves and cleaning accessories.

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