5 Stylish and Organizing Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

As most of us are spending as much time as possible at home right now, all of the time inside may suddenly be inspiring you to redecorate. Or if the old decoration of your house is desperately crying out for revamp. Then it is time that you re-stylize your house, making some changes in the arrangement and give it a whole new look. There’s nothing like spending 15 straight hours in your living room to make you suddenly start to rethink that rug or begin to give that cluttered corner some serious side-eye.

Floating shelve

Revamping or remodelling your house does not mean that it needs to be an expensive affair all the time. You can simply try out few of our simple ideas and achieve the same without spending a fortune on it. There's never been a better time to shop your home décor items and play with rearranging your furniture and decor for a anew and fresh look. You may just find that you already own everything you need for a serious home upgrade.

To delight you we have discussed 5 ideas to spruce up your home:

Idea 1: Organize your kitchen counters

Is your kitchen countertop is looking a little cluttered and unorganised? Then it's time to try our editor-in-chief's tray trick. If you have a storage tray pull it out. Use it to corral everything from mail to medicine bottles. You can also use kitchen rack to keep your excess cookware items in an organized manner.

Idea 2: Make your Bathroom magazine ready!

We all know, replacing an entire vanity can cost you an arm and a leg, but just replacing the knob or pulls on your existing one can remake the room on a dime. All you have to do is just use a drill or screwdriver to remove the old hardware and replace with a newer style and give that stylish look to your bathroom! To give a great look to your bathroom and make it look more stylish you can also get rid of your old bathroom cubbies and install hanging wall shelves that can be used for bathroom storage purposes. There are several options available on our website, you can choose the one that perfectly fits into your budget and also give that stylish look to your kitchen.

Idea 3: Add some floating shelves

Allow shelving solve all your clutter problems! Displaying your prized possessions doesn't mean that you have to clutter up every tabletop and bookcase in your house. Instead, add some hanging display shelves to show off those collections with pride. Restyle your shelves.

If you want to quickly refresh, try using this trick. Remove everything from the shelves. Dust off each shelf, starting with the top one and working your way down. Then place everything back, but try a new and different arrangement. Simple thing but it will freshen up your existing wall shelves. If you haven't touched these knick-knacks in months (or even years), this mini move can change the entire room, believe it or not! Give a new look to your room without spending a fortune.

Idea 4: Put together a gallery wall for your guests

Thinking of remodeling your living room? Then how about putting up a gallery wall for your friends and guests giving them an insight of your naughty childhood or some beautiful memories? Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to make a room come together is by putting up a gallery wall. And since these typically look better when they aren't too matching, it's the perfect opportunity to use those wall photo frames that never quite went with the décor of your house.

One Photo frames, multiple purposes:

Who says the only thing you can only bring back from your trip is jet lag and expensive artwork? Take it from us, you don't need a extravagant travel budget to find interesting pieces and cool stuffs for your home. "People always think you have to spend a lot of money, but a kitschy postcard in a cool wall photo frame is Trendy,"  "Maps are free and look cool and interesting in other languages." Showoff your souvenir from your last trip!

Idea 5: No more of kitchen cabinet doors

What’s the point of having a great collection of beautiful ceramics in your kitchen if you hide them behind the kitchen cabinets doors? "Use open shelving in the kitchen, instead. If your kitchen cabinet door is not letting you to display your beautiful ceramics collection, then it is time that you replace them with beautiful rustic wall Shelves. Kitchen dinnerware, cookware and tools come in various wonderful shapes and colors and can be beautiful when styled appropriately. So don’t miss the opportunity of showing them off to your guests!

We have curated 5 ideas that will help you to re-decorate your house and make it picture ready instantly. Try them and see the wonder it creates!

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