5 Eco-Friendly And Inspiring Home Decorating Ideas Will Transform Your Space Into Worth Living!

Are you in search of creative ways to give your home an eco-friendly touch? With little imagination and playfulness and these lavish eco-friendly decorating ideas you can transform your home into a paradise to live in.

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Whether it is refurnishing your interiors completely or bring a few slight changes to the existing décor, decorating a home is not a child’s play. It further becomes intimidating when the whole decoration process needs to be done by keeping sustainability in the front-end.

Find Reclaimed Wood Decor

Whether you want to overhaul your flooring, upgrade your kitchen cabinets or find carved decor pieces, stick with reclaimed wood. The main reason behind it is that it is recycled and doesn’t hurt the environment to use in your home, other than buying something new made from recently destroyed, oxygen-supplying trees.

Reclaimed wood are ideal for popular interior design choices such as barn-styled bedroom doors or floating rustic wall shelves in an office or living room.

Look for Sustainable Rugs

Want to warm your living room with hardwood or tile flooring? Then buy sustainable rugs made with eco-friendly materials such as jute, sea grass or recycled plastics. Purchasing such items you will be able to cover your floors with soft carpeting without the using micro plastics to reduce the echoing in your home.

Purchase pre-loved items

Do you know what is the most effective way of keeping your carbon footprint as small as can be during redecoration? The answer is by buying buy pre-loved furniture and decorations. Head to lovekankei site, where you can surely find a whole range of vintage bargains that will allow you to overhaul your home without doing any damage to the planet.

Perks of  getting that vintage look for your House

Believe it or not, the simplest and easiest way to positively pact the environment with your home décor choices is to buy pre-used items. You can also save a fortune by this! Luckily lovekankei sell such items with which you can decorate your room in a stylish manner and keep it eco-friendly at the same time. Well Some of you even prefer a more wear-and-tear or “distressed” look. Not to mention, vintage decor is chic and trendy. Besides it costs way less than buying new décor items. Well, if you are willing to get that vintage look in your kitchen you can solve your pan storage problems by affixing wooden kitchen pot rack. So head over to your local thrift store, online store which sell refurbished items, estate sales or flea markets (you can even raid your grandma’s attic for forgotten treasures). If you still can’t find anything to your taste, lovekankei is the perfect sites and a great place to explore pretty much anything vintage.

Time to Repurpose and revamp

It might sound little weird but DIY-ing your old stuff into new stuff is more rewarding and satisfying than buying new every time. This way you can also cut down on your budget! For an instance you can Repaint your wooden tables to match your new decor with an artsy pattern. You can also reupholster your old chairs to make them look brand new. If your creative side refuses to come out, hire someone else to do the job. Trust on us It will still cost less money than buying new décor items while still getting the feeling of new to you. Do, look out for furniture made from reclaimed and salvaged materials like aluminum and recycled wood as well. This can also help you to dial down the carbon footprint in your house.

Use these eco-friendly ideas to redecorate your house and stay near to earth!

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