10 Minute Trendy Living Room Decor Ideas For 2020

There is a common saying that ‘home is where the heart is', thereby it is important to have your heart is in it when re-decorating your home. The very idea of re-decorate your room might scare you, but trust us Nowadays you don’t have to be an artist to create your own gallery wall and design a space that reflects your personality. Embrace warmly your taste and mix and match some of the biggest design trends we have discussed for 2020.

Transform your wall into an art gallery

Revamping or redecorating your living room doesn’t mean that you need to hire a world-renowned designer. You can use some cool hacks that will transform your dull and boring living room into a magazine-ready living room. If you are fond of minimalist trend and still want to make your living room stylish then it is important that you redecorate your walls. Walls need not be boring. Not anymore! The walls of your home can be transformed with the right wallpaper, or just the right color, artful frames. You can even showcase your most priceless memories on your wall. Thereby oust the monotony of your wall by converting your living room wall into a wall of memories. Speaking of which, you can further ameliorate it by some cool photo frames. So If you are thinking of photo frames to liven up that drab wall, we have some unique designs. Lovekankei has various styles of wall hanging photo frames  that can be ideal for your living room. Affixing photo frames and art entails making more than just marginal changes to the walls by drilling holes or sticking hooks. Instead of decorating the wall absurdly, we recommend that you plan a theme before you start drilling into the walls.

Re-decorate the forgotten corner!

While most of you whine about lack of space, most of you tend to forget the corners of your room. This time let us use those living room corners that have gone entirely ignored all the time. For this, you can mount our wall corner shelf. Lovekankei has various beautiful wall corner shelf options. A new place to decorate or display items of a personal nature. Believe it or not,  corner shelves for living rooms use the space in the most efficient way. Not only that it gives you somewhere else to showcase your collection. Look at our collection and see what we can offer you.

Wall-mounted corner shelves can add interest and extra charm to your living room. Select a darker color or a contrasting color that will stand out against the paint of your wall for a visual effect that will pop! Add figurines, antique collection, a small lamp, or plants as part of the visual effect. You can even give a textual twist to your corners by shifting your bookshelf to the corner of your living room and make the corner stand out.

You got to agree with us that a home library is something that most of the book lovers dream about, but never really act upon due to lack of space. A small and cozy reading room can be a  wonderful addition to any house and you can use an elaborate L-shaped bookshelf in the corner to turn it into a modest home library. Let your corner do all the talking!

Keep your jewelry organized!

Are you exhausted from trying to hunt down your favorite necklace in a cluttered jewelry drawer? Do your necklace chains look like a coil of snakes? Well this nothing new to all jewelry lovers who cannot stop buying jewelry for themselves. Well, you can resolve this problem and sort all your jewelry out by getting some cool jewelry organizer for your self. So there will no more treasure hunting episodes! With these really cool and trendy jewelry organizers, you can shows off your collection while keeping it tidy and organized. Whether you need a quick, cheap way to put your stuff in a drawer in order or think it’s a shame to lock your favorite accessories collection up in a box, lovekankei got various styles of jewelry organizer suiting every style and space.

Well, these are the easiest, trendiest, and quickest living room décor ideas. Save a fortune by trying out these not-so-time consuming ideas to decorate your room.

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