10 Min Transform Ideas For Small Space!

Just because you only have a small amount of square footage in a room, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on design. No matter whether you have a small space in your room or lack in-built storage solutions, these amazing ideas will give a magical transformation to your small space along with solving your storage problems.  We are sure that these amazing ideas are sure to give you plenty of inspiration and courage to decorate your small apartment.

Whether you have a small room in a home or lack storage ideas – some of these amazing ideas are incredible for transforming a small space into an inviting place to live, relax, socialize, and stun your friends and families.

wall display shelve

Create a New Kind of Gallery Wall

Who said that a gallery can be created only by hanging phots in beautiful hanging photo frames? If you are willing to overhaul your living room without of the box ideas and make it magazine ready, then it is important that you do something creative. Well, this creative idea will help you to revamp your living room wall and make it stand out. Create a gallery wall by adding more depth by laying out a pattern with floating wall shelves instead of hanging framed artwork. You can use those display floating shelves to display your antique collections or anything that will suit your home decoration. You can also fill your unique gallery wall with decor and books to fill more of the negative space. Well if you want to add a rustic touch to your living room you can create that gallery wall by installing floating rustic wall Shelves  of LoveKANKEI.

Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Shelving is a must, especially if you are having a small apartment. Well whether you need something for storage or you want to add a bit to your home décor, shelves are the ideal magical solution

Having a small bathroom? Facing storage problems? Well, then will bathroom storage solution ideas, you can handle this problem easily and gracefully. Do you have an old storage system above the toilet? Then it is time for an upgrade and these little shelving ideas are ideal for any bathroom. Don’t panic if you are having a small bathroom or lack in-built bathroom storage. You can solve this problem instantly by installing like floating bathroom storage shelves and they are reinforced for added strength. Besides, they are very country and rustic looking and give you loads of storage space. Believe it or not, they are absolutely perfect for any size of the bathroom or any little nook that you may have where you need a little storage space. The best part of it is that they’re frugal and take very few materials to build

So if you are having a small bathroom then In floating bathroom storage will be a life-saver for essentials like washcloths, hand soap, candles, and tissues

Make corners your best friend!

Corners become the best friend in a small and cozy apartment. Having said that, a few people use corners even though it’s really convenient. So, if you lack storage place in your room then you can place some storage systems in corners, you can hide a lot of things there.

Reboot your kitchen decor

No space to swing a cat? Don’t panic! To avoid cluttering the worktops, you can add plenty of cupboards, cubbyholes, and drawers in your new kitchen design. Thumb rule, Keep materials simple! We would suggest a maximum of three finishes in a small kitchen, which allows you to zone areas, create features, and let other sections blend into the background.

Besides space crunched apartments you need to organize things smartly and simple, a simple kitchen pot rack  that lacks a projected shelf would be perfect for small kitchens. The simple wall rail consists of a single metal tube and supporting braces. The entire profile of the pot rack should be minimal and narrow which prioritizes wall space for pots and utensils. Like this, you can organize your pot and pan without consuming much of the kitchen space.

Bring your shelving to life

Make maximum use if your wall space with different shelving options from Lovekankei. Want to maximize your compact living room? Affix floating rustic wall Shelves around the chimney breast and maximize the space. If you want to spend a little more you can paint the wall behind your shelves in a vibrant shade. The vibrant shade will help you to add plenty of personalities and liven up a simple storage area.



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