6 Floating Shelves Perfect For Organizer Storage!

Are you running out of space? Don't know where to keep your small items and accessories? If you don't have enough space then invest your money in organizer and storage where you can keep your items on the decorative basket and use it as a prop for your home décor. There is various kind of floating shelves available in the market that can help you to keep your things organized.

Do you know that organizing can be real fun? Whether you are searching for beautiful creative storage solutions out of necessity or for decorative purposes, this article can help find unique floating shelves for your living room and kitchen. Here we have a compiled list of wonderful unique floating wall shelves.

Floating corner shelve

There two ways by which you can hang this versatile floating corner wall shelves! Unlike other corner shelves, this one can also wrap around the corner itself – a great solution for the complicated and small space.

Mountain wall shelve

This is a perfect choice for a rustic or cottage interior style. The wire backing could enhance an industrial interior as well.

Rustic floating shelf

Now complete with a wine glass rack, this shelf is pleading to complement your rustic kitchen or formal dining room. You can even grow some potted herbs or store your spices on the shelf above. This, in short, becomes a multi-shelf which can be used both sides.


Rustic kitchen wall shelf:

This is another great multipurpose pick! This one even includes a towel holder, but could easily add hooks to it in order to hang your favorite mugs or utensils or hanging other items.

Rustic hanging shelf:

Even the bathroom can benefit from such type of creative shelves! This neat rustic hanging construction can easily hold a roll of tissue. You can use the upper part of such shelves to keep a scented candle or even you can place your phone while you are shaving or cleansing your face.

Minimalist square shelves

The square shelves easily grab the attention of people with their thick and attractive frames, with plenty of room to store items on top and inside. You can even mount LED lights so that the items that you have placed on the shelves will get extra attention.

Often you remain confused about how to bring the dull, white, and monotonous white wall of your living room into life. With this geometrically designed shelf, you enhance the wall of your living room. Three tiers offer plenty of room for small potted plants and books. For further decorative purposes, you can decorate it with LED lights.

You can go through this organizer idealist and get figure out which shelf will be resourceful for your home.


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