10 Beautiful Simple Decluttering And Decorating Ideas

This is no longer a secret that people rarely succeed unless they have fun what they are doing. It is very important that you enjoy what you are doing it or else half-hearted work will not allow to achieve your goal.Well most of you are attracted to the idea of living a simple life with less stuffs.

But often, they start to feel overwhelmed, anxious and defeated around the idea of owning it. That doesn’t sound cool. Does it?

Well learning how to declutter your home doesn’t need to be as painful as some make it out to be. For this it is very important that you make the work interesting. So, in this blog we will be sharing the idea which has helped me to keep my home clutter-free and beautiful.

Where to begin?

Absolutely clueless about the idea from where to begin? Well, then this blog can be useful to you. Well the process of doing it need not to be monotonous and soul-sucking! You can make it interesting by making a ‘wish list’. By making a list will help you to solve your problem.

Time to roll up your sleeves:

Declutter your kitchen

Idea 1#: How about mixing the idea of decluttering and decorating your kitchen together? You can expand your cabinet storage! When it comes to the kitchen, it is what is on the inside that counts. Make the most of the cabinet space – no matter how small it. For this you can mount a kitchen wall shelves on the back of the cabinet or pantry door or try a roll-out rack in a lower cupboard to amp up the cabinet space. With this you can not only keep your kitchen decluttered but can also store your items properly.

Idea 2# Tame your kitchen spice rack! When it comes time to organised, either place the spice jar alphabetically or categories them by use. Revamp your spice rack and keep your kitchen clutter free.

Declutter and decorate your bathroom

Idea 3# If your bathroom cabinet is overflowing with expired toiletries then it is time that you toss expired products. When was the last time you checked the expiration date on a bottle of your bodywash? Exactly, “take out time once in every three months to pull everything out your bathroom cabinets and check the expire dates on them. Throw out the items that has crossed its expiry dates. By this you can make room for other items rather than letting them scattered here and there and can keep it clutter-free.

Idea 4# You can keep decorative wicker baskets with bath towels for a practical yet stylish accent.

Time for revamping your bedroom:

Idea 5# Your bedroom be your place of Zen. If you are tight on closet space, under-the-bed storage works wonder. Besides, if you have an habit of reading books before you go to bed, you can mount wall shelves where you can keep your story book instead of letting it lie on your bed.

Leave room to grow

Idea 6# if you fill your bookshelf to the brim, then you probably won’t have any space to continue growing your collection.

Good point. Isn’t it? To not put a full stop to it you can introduce a library on wheel! Yes, you heard it right you can have rolling bookshelf where you can store your growing collection. Besides you can keep on changing its placement as per changing home décor.

Let your living room live and breathe:

Idea 7# coffee tables in most living room are the focal point. As tempting as it may be to cover it with book, candles and flowers but in order to keep it clutter-free it is important that you keep it as clear as possible. Further to give the illusion that a room is clutter-free, you must keep the top of the coffee table clear by 75%.

Idea 8# organize your laundry room: No matter how big your laundry room is, it should be what it is, a place to clean your clothes. You can use shelving for laundry soaps and stain removers, and basket for dirty clothes.

Idea 9# declutter the space where you work even if it is just a small craft area. Do you know that a cluttered area can hamper your mood badly and can drive out your positive attitude just in five minutes? Being able to know where everything is and the ease of finding it can maximise the productivity.

Idea 10# get rid of unused items! Having piles of papers and piece of mail surely can’t help you to function successfully. So, it is better that you throw out papers that you do not need any longer. You can also set an organization board for bills and other important paperwork. An organization board is a great way to do this, and also a space to leave notes for your family members or jot down dates that need to be reminded about.

So are you ready to declutter and decorate your house this summer? Then use these ideas to decorate your house and keep it clutter free.

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